James McCoy

Growing up in Idaho, working and helping on local farms and ranches, James has become an all-around handyman. He started in the drilling industry in 1996 working in Utah, Arizona, California, and Nevada. He is grateful for the experiences and skills he gained while working in that field. In 2020, James decided that he wanted to venture out to something new and after 20+ years, he stepped away from drilling and started with JM Fab & Custom Work. His passion is welding and fabricating. JM Fab gives him the ability to do this full time, not just as a hobby.

Jessica Moore

Jessica has lived in Northern Nevada for the past 28 years and has recently made Idaho her home. She has earned two associate degrees, one in Elementary Education and the other in Accounting and Business Management. She has worked as an office manager for many years with several of them in the drilling industry. Also wanting to venture out to something new, she started JM Fab & Custom Work and is using her degree to manage this business.

James & Jessica enjoy anything outdoors ... camping, fishing, hunting, riding ATV's, playing in the lakes and rivers, and just hanging out with family and friends. Together they have 6 kids, ranging from 22 years to 8 years. They are looking forward to the life they are building together here in the Twin Falls area.